Löydetty 462 Tulokset: gold

  • in order to design whatever must be fabricated from gold, and silver, and brass, (Exodus 31, 4)

  • And I said to them, ‘Which of you has gold?’ And they took it and gave it to me. And I threw it into the fire, and this calf came out.” (Exodus 32, 24)

  • And returning to the Lord, he said: “I beg you, this people has sinned the greatest sin, and they have made for themselves gods of gold. Either release them from this offense, (Exodus 32, 31)

  • Separate from among you the first-fruits to the Lord. Let all who are willing and have a ready soul offer these to the Lord: gold, and silver, and brass, (Exodus 35, 5)

  • men along with women provided: arm bands and earrings, rings and bracelets. And every vessel of gold was separated, to be donated to the Lord. (Exodus 35, 22)

  • to design and to fashion, with gold and silver and brass, (Exodus 35, 32)

  • For these, he also cast fifty gold rings, which would retain the loops of the curtains and so make the tabernacle one. (Exodus 36, 13)

  • But the panels themselves he overlaid with gold, casting silver bases for them. And he made their rings from gold, through which the bars might be able to be drawn. And he covered the bars themselves with layers of gold. (Exodus 36, 34)

  • and four columns of setim wood, which, along with their heads, he overlaid with gold, casting silver bases for them. (Exodus 36, 36)

  • and five columns with their heads, which he covered with gold, and he cast their bases from brass. (Exodus 36, 38)

  • Now Bezalel also made the ark from setim wood, having two and one half cubits in length, and one and one half cubits in width, and the height was also one and one half cubits. And he clothed it with the purest gold, inside and out. (Exodus 37, 1)

  • And for it he made a crown of gold all around, (Exodus 37, 2)

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