Löydetty 171 Tulokset: perish

  • For I and my people have been handed over to be crushed, to be slain, and to perish. And if we were only being sold as servants and slaves, the evil might be tolerable, and I would have mourned in silence. But now our enemy is one whose cruelty overflows upon the king.” (Esther 11, 4)

  • But every province and city, which is not willing to participate in this solemnity, must perish by the sword and by fire, and be destroyed in this way so that they will be forever an indisputable example of contempt and disobedience, not only to humans, but even to wild animals.” (Esther 13, 24)

  • May the day perish on which I was born, and the night, in which it was said, “A man has been conceived.” (Job 3, 3)

  • Why did I not die in the womb? Having left the womb, why did I not immediately perish? (Job 3, 11)

  • At that time, when they are scattered, they will perish, and when it becomes hot, they will be freed from their place. (Job 6, 17)

  • The paths of their steps are entangled; they will walk in vain and will perish. (Job 6, 18)

  • Just so are the ways of all who forget God, and the hope of the hypocrite will perish. (Job 8, 13)

  • But the eyes of the impious will fade away, and the path to escape will perish before them, for the abomination of the soul is their hope. (Job 11, 20)

  • Let the memory of him perish from the earth, and let not his name be celebrated in the streets. (Job 18, 17)

  • Embrace discipline, lest at any time the Lord might become angry, and you would perish from the way of the just. (Psalms 2, 12)

  • For my enemy will be turned back. They will be weakened and perish before your face. (Psalms 9, 4)

  • For the poor will not be forgotten in the end. The patience of the poor will not perish in the end. (Psalms 9, 19)

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