Löydetty 668 Tulokset: Left

  • Every living being on the face of the earth, men and animals, and creatures that crawl and the birds of the air were wiped off the earth. Only Noah was left and those that were with him in the ark. (Genesis 7, 23)

  • So Abram went as Yahweh had told him, and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy-five years old when he left Haran. (Genesis 12, 4)

  • Isn't the whole land there before you? Let us part company. If you go to the left, I will go to the right; if you go to the right, I will go to the left." (Genesis 13, 9)

  • Yahweh said to Abram after Lot had left him, "Raise your eyes and look from where you are, towards the north, the south, the east and the west; (Genesis 13, 14)

  • When Yahweh had finished speaking with Abraham, he left and Abraham went home. (Genesis 18, 33)

  • So they made their father drink wine that night and the elder went to lie with her father. He knew nothing of it, neither when she lay down nor when she left. (Genesis 19, 33)

  • Again that night they got their father to drink wine. The younger went and lay with him. He was aware of nothing, neither when she lay with him nor when she left. (Genesis 19, 35)

  • Abraham left there for the territory of the Negeb, and lived between Kadesh and Shur; and he stayed for a time in Gerar. (Genesis 20, 1)

  • Abraham left his dead one (Genesis 23, 3)

  • Abraham left everything he owned to Isaac. (Genesis 25, 5)

  • So Isaac left that place and encamped in the Valley of Gerar and settled there. (Genesis 26, 17)

  • Next morning they rose early and swore an oath to each other. Isaac then set them on their way and they left him in peace. (Genesis 26, 31)

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