Löydetty 46 Tulokset: Parents

  • his parents shall seize him and bring him before the leaders of the city, to the gate of judgment, (Deuteronomy 21, 19)

  • He said to his parents 'I do not know you,' and disowned his brothers and sisters and children. He has observed your words and kept your Covenant. (Deuteronomy 33, 9)

  • Samson scraped the honey into his hands and ate it as he walked. When he reached his parents, he gave them honey and they ate it, too. But he did not tell them he had taken the honey from the lion's carcass. (Judges 14, 9)

  • Samson's wife began to weep and she threw herself upon her husband saying, "You do not like me or love me anymore. You have given a riddle to the young men of my people, but you have not explained it to me." He said to her, "I have not explained it even to my parents, why should I explain it to you?" (Judges 14, 16)

  • When Sara's parents had left the room and closed the door, Tobias got up from the bed and said to Sara, "Get up, my sister, and let us ask the Lord to have mercy on us and save us." (Tobit 8, 4)

  • She replied, "Keep quiet, do not try to deceive me, my child is dead." Every day she went out along the road which her son had taken. By day, she took no food; by night, she never ceased crying, unable to sleep. When the fourteen days of festivities were over during which Ragouel had sworn that Tobias should stay with him, Tobias went to Ragouel and said, "Let me return home because my parents will certainly be despairing that they will never see me again." (Tobit 10, 7)

  • To his daughter, Sara, he said, "Honor your parents-in-law, since from now on they are your parents just as we are who gave you life. Go in peace, my daughter, and may we always hear good things of you." He embraced her and let them depart. (Tobit 10, 12)

  • He took great care of his parents-in-law in their old age and he buried them with honor in Ecbatana in Media. Tobias inherited Ragouel's fortune as well as that of his father Tobit. (Tobit 14, 13)

  • Mordecai was foster father to his cousin Hadassah, that is Esther, who had lost both father and mother. The girl had a lovely face and figure. On the death of her parents, Mordecai had adopted her as his daughter. (Esther 2, 7)

  • Parents commend your works to their children and tell them your feats. (Psalms 145, 4)

  • Timotheus himself fell into the hands of Dositheus' and Sosipater's troops. He very cunningly pleaded with them to let him go, for, as he said, he had the parents and brothers of most of the Jews in his power and they would surely be put to death if he were to be killed. (2 Maccabees 12, 24)

  • Children born of unlawful intercourse witness, when God examines them, to the wrongdoing of their parents. (Wisdom of Solomon 4, 6)

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