Löydetty 44 Tulokset: Shepherds

  • If you do not know yourself, most beautiful woman, follow the tracks of the flock and pasture your young goats beside the shepherds' tents. (Song of Solomon 1, 8)

  • My lover is mine and I am his; he shepherds his flock among the lilies. (Song of Solomon 2, 16)

  • My lover is mine, and I am his; he shepherds his flock among the lilies. (Song of Solomon 6, 3)

  • Greedy dogs that are never satisfied; shepherds of no discretion, they all turn their own way, everyone of them to his own gain. (Isaiah 56, 11)

  • Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and prudence. (Jeremiah 3, 15)

  • Shepherds with their flocks are coming to her, they pitch their tents and feed their flocks all over her. (Jeremiah 6, 3)

  • Many shepherds have ravaged my vine; they have trampled my beloved field and made it a desolate wasteland, (Jeremiah 12, 10)

  • All your shepherds will be scattered by the wind and your lovers will be taken captive; then you will be covered with shame because of your evil deeds. (Jeremiah 22, 22)

  • "Woe to the shepherds who mislead and scatter the sheep of my pasture!" (Jeremiah 23, 1)

  • This is the message of Yahweh, God of Israel, to the shepherds in charge of my people, "You have scattered my sheep and driven them away instead of caring for them. Now I will deal with you because of your evil deeds. (Jeremiah 23, 2)

  • I will appoint shepherds who will take care of them. No longer will they fear or be terrified. No one will be lost." (Jeremiah 23, 4)

  • Howl, shepherds, and lament! Roll in the dust you leaders of flocks for the day of slaughter and dispersal has come for you and you will fall like fattened rams. (Jeremiah 25, 34)

“Para que se preocupar com o caminho pelo qual Jesus quer que você chegue à pátria celeste – pelo deserto ou pelo campo – quando tanto por um como por outro se chegará da mesma forma à beatitude eterna?” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina