Löydetty 67 Tulokset: worthy

  • Ruth said, "May I prove worthy of your favor, my lord. You have consoled your servant with your kind words, though I am not the equal of your maidservants." (Ruth 2, 13)

  • Have no fear, my daughter; I will do for you all that you ask, since all my townsmen know that you are a worthy woman. (Ruth 3, 11)

  • I call on the Lord, who is worthy of praise; he saves me from my enemies. (2 Samuel 22, 4)

  • While he was still speaking, Jonathan, the son of Abiathar the priest, arrived and Adonijah asked, "Come in, for you are a worthy man and bring good news." (1 Kings 1, 42)

  • Solomon replied, "If he proves to be a worthy man, not a hair of his head shall perish. But if he acts like a wicked man, he shall die." (1 Kings 1, 52)

  • King David then went in and, seated before Yahweh, said: "I am not worthy of what you have already done for me, Yahweh God, nor is my family. (1 Chronicles 17, 16)

  • Ragouel ran towards him and covered him with kisses, then in tears he blessed Tobias and said to him, "Blessings on you, you are the son of a good and worthy man!" (Tobit 7, 6)

  • The next morning they arose early and set off to the wedding. When they entered Ragouel's house, they found Tobias at the table. Gabael went to him and embraced him. He wept and blessed Tobias saying, "Good and worthy man, son of a good and honest father, a man who is just and compassionate, may the Lord of Heaven bless you and your wife. May he also bless the father and mother of your wife. Blessed be God because I have seen Tobias, my cousin, who is so like his father." (Tobit 9, 6)

  • The angel took Tobit and Tobias to one side and said to them, "Bless God, return thanks to him, proclaim his glory and render him thanks before all the living for all he has done for you. It is good to praise God and to exalt his Name, by making known in a worthy manner the story of God's deeds. Do not be slow in giving him thanks. (Tobit 12, 6)

  • Jerusalem, holy city, God will punish you because of the sins of your children, but he will have pity once more on the children of the just. Jerusalem, return thanks to the Lord in a worthy manner and bless the King of the ages, in order that his Temple may be rebuilt in your midst with joy; (Tobit 13, 11)

  • If it pleases the king, therefore, let an irrevocable royal decree be issued and included among the laws of Persia and Media, that Vashti is never again to come into the presence of King Ahasuerus, and that the king is authorized to give her royal position to someone else more worthy than she. (Esther 1, 19)

  • I call on the Lord, who is worthy of praise: he saves me from my enemies! (Psalms 18, 4)

“Caminhe com alegria e com o coração o mais sincero e aberto que puder. E quando não conseguir manter esta santa alegria, ao menos não perca nunca o valor e a confiança em Deus.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina