Löydetty 315 Tulokset: Jacob

  • He that came forth first was red, and hairy like a skin: and his name was called Esau. Immediately the other coming forth, held his brother's foot in his hand, and therefore he was called Jacob. (Genesis 25, 25)

  • And when they were grown up, Esau became a skillful hunter, and a husbandman, but Jacob a plain man dwelt in tents. (Genesis 25, 27)

  • Isaac loved Esau, because he ate of his hunting: and Rebecca loved Jacob. (Genesis 25, 28)

  • And Jacob boiled Pottage: to whom Esau, coming faint out of the field, (Genesis 25, 29)

  • And Jacob said to him: Sell me thy first birthright. (Genesis 25, 31)

  • Jacob said: Swear therefore to me. Esau swore to him, and sold his first birthright. (Genesis 25, 33)

  • She said to her son Jacob: I heard thy father talking with Esau thy brother, and saying to him: (Genesis 27, 6)

  • And Jacob said: I am Esau thy firstborn: I have done as thou didst command me: arise, sit, and eat of my venison, that thy soul may bless me. (Genesis 27, 19)

  • He came near to his father, and when he had felt him, Isaac said: The voice indeed is the voice of Jacob; but the hands are the hands of Esau. (Genesis 27, 22)

  • Isaac had scarce ended his words, when Jacob being now gone out abroad, Esau came, (Genesis 27, 30)

  • But he said again: Rightly is his name called Jacob; for he hath supplanted me lo this second time: my first birthright he took away before, and now this second time he hath stolen away my blessing. And again he said to his father: Hast thou not reserved me also a blessing? (Genesis 27, 36)

  • Esau therefore always hated Jacob for the blessing wherewith his father had blessed him: and he said in his heart: The days will come of the mourning of my father, and I will kill my brother Jacob. (Genesis 27, 41)

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