Löydetty 127 Tulokset: darkness

  • If we say that we share in God's life while we are living in darkness, we are lying, because we are not living the truth. (1 John 1, 6)

  • Yet in another way, I am writing a new commandment for you -- and this is true for you, just as much as for him -- for darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining. (1 John 2, 8)

  • Whoever claims to be in light but hates his brother is still in darkness. (1 John 2, 9)

  • But whoever hates his brother is in darkness and is walking about in darkness not knowing where he is going, because darkness has blinded him. (1 John 2, 11)

  • and the angels who did not keep to the authority they had, but left their appointed sphere, he has kept in darkness in eternal bonds until the judgement of the great Day. (Jude 1, 6)

  • like wild sea waves with their own shame for foam; or like wandering stars for whom the gloom of darkness is stored up for ever. (Jude 1, 13)

  • The fifth angel emptied his bowl over the throne of the beast and its whole empire was plunged into darkness. People were biting their tongues for pain, (Revelation 16, 10)

“Para que se preocupar com o caminho pelo qual Jesus quer que você chegue à pátria celeste – pelo deserto ou pelo campo – quando tanto por um como por outro se chegará da mesma forma à beatitude eterna?” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina