Löydetty 408 Tulokset: Glory

  • And when they met her they all blessed her with one accord and said to her, "You are the exaltation of Jerusalem, you are the great glory of Israel, you are the great pride of our nation! (Judith 15, 9)

  • while he showed the riches of his royal glory and the splendor and pomp of his majesty for many days, a hundred and eighty days. (Esther 1, 4)

  • Thou knowest all things; thou knowest, O Lord, that it was not in insolence or pride or for any love of glory that I did this, and refused to bow down to this proud Haman. (Esther 13, 12)

  • But I did this, that I might not set the glory of man above the glory of God, and I will not bow down to any one but to thee, who art my Lord; and I will not do these things in pride. (Esther 13, 14)

  • to abolish what thy mouth has ordained and to destroy thy inheritance, to stop the mouths of those who praise thee and to quench thy altar and the glory of thy house, (Esther 14, 9)

  • And she said to him, "I saw you, my lord, like an angel of God and my heart was shaken with fear at your glory. (Esther 15, 13)

  • He has stripped from me my glory, and taken the crown from my head. (Job 19, 9)

  • my glory fresh with me, and my bow ever new in my hand.' (Job 29, 20)

  • "Deck yourself with majesty and dignity; clothe yourself with glory and splendor. (Job 40, 10)

  • But thou, O LORD, art a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. (Psalms 3, 3)

  • O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is thy name in all the earth! Thou whose glory above the heavens is chanted (Psalms 8, 1)

  • Yet thou hast made him little less than God, and dost crown him with glory and honor. (Psalms 8, 5)

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