1. Listen, my sons, to a father's instruction and pay attention so that you may gain insight.

2. For I have given you good principles; do not discard my teaching!

3. For when I, too, was a young boy, and my mother fondly looked on me as special,

4. my father taught me and said to me: Treasure my words in your heart; listen to my directions and you will live.

5. Acquire wisdom and insight and do not forget or reject the words of my mouth.

6. Do not abandon wisdom for she will protect you. Love her and she will be your salvation.

7. The beginning of wisdom is to work to acquire it. At the cost of all you possess, strive to gain insight.

8. Hold her close, for she will exalt you and bring you honor if you embrace her.

9. She will crown you with grace and put a diadem of splendor on your head.

10. Listen, my son, and take my words to heart; then the years of your life will be multiplied.

11. Because I have taught you the way of wisdom and have guided you along honest ways,

12. you will walk with ease and run without falling.

13. Hold firm to discipline; never let her go. Guard her well for she is your salvation.

14. Do not follow the way of the wicked nor walk with evildoers.

15. Avoid them, turn your back on them and pass on.

16. For they do not sleep unless they have done evil; they cannot rest unless they have caused someone's downfall.

17. Wickedness is their bread and violence their wine.

18. The way of the upright is like the dawn that becomes brighter until the fullness of day.

19. The way of the wicked is total darkness and they do not notice that which will make them fall.

20. My son, be attentive and listen carefully to my words.

21. Never let them out of your sight but guard them in the bottom of your heart.

22. For they are life to those who cling to them and healing for the inner spirit.

23. Above all else, guard your heart, for therein is the source of life.

24. Keep your mouth from lies and let not deceit come from your lips.

25. Keep your sight on what is ahead and your eyes directed straight in front of you.

26. Test the ground under your feet and all your ways will be secure.

27. Turn neither to left nor to right and keep your path from evil.

“Rezai e continuai a rezar para não ficardes entorpecidos”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina