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  • From all the clean animals, take seven and seven, the male and the female. Yet truly, from animals that are unclean, take two and two, the male and the female. (Genesis 7, 2)

  • And from the animals both clean and unclean, and from the birds, and from everything that moves upon the earth, (Genesis 7, 8)

  • Then Noah built an altar to the Lord. And, taking from each of the cattle and birds that were clean, he offered holocausts upon the altar. (Genesis 8, 20)

  • and the remainder of the body, he shall carry away, beyond the camp, to the clean place where the ashes are usually poured out. And he shall burn them upon a stack of wood. There, in the place where the ashes have been poured out, they will be burned. (Leviticus 4, 12)

  • he shall strip off his former vestments, and being clothed with others, he shall carry them beyond the camp, and he shall cause them to be consumed, even to glowing embers, in a very clean place. (Leviticus 6, 11)

  • The flesh that has touched anything unclean shall not be eaten, but it shall be burnt with fire. He that is clean will feed on it. (Leviticus 7, 19)

  • And so may you have the knowledge to discern between holy and profane, between polluted and clean. (Leviticus 10, 10)

  • Likewise, the breast which is offered, and the shoulder which is separated, you shall eat in a most clean place, you and your sons, and your daughters with you. For these have been set aside for you and your children from the victims which benefit the sons of Israel. (Leviticus 10, 14)

  • And anything upon which something from their carcasses will have fallen shall be defiled, whether it is a vessel of wood, or a garment, or skins, or haircloths, or anything by which work is done. These shall be dipped in water and shall be defiled until evening, but then afterwards these shall be clean. (Leviticus 11, 32)

  • Yet truly, fountains and cisterns, and all reservoirs of water shall be clean. Whoever will have touched their carcasses shall be defiled. (Leviticus 11, 36)

  • so that you may know the difference between clean and unclean, and so that you may know what you ought to eat, and what you ought to refuse. (Leviticus 11, 47)

  • And on the seventh day, he shall evaluate him. If the leprosy has become obscured, and has not increased in the skin, he shall declare him clean, because it is a scab. And the man shall wash his clothes, and he shall be clean. (Leviticus 13, 6)

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