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  • For what other single nation upon earth is like your people Israel, to whom God reached out, so that he might free them, and might make a people for himself, and by his greatness and terribleness cast out the nations before the face of those whom he had freed from Egypt? (1 Chronicles 17, 21)

  • And they also cast lots concerning their brothers, the sons of Aaron, before David the king, and Zadok, and Ahimelech, and the leaders of the priestly and Levitical families, as much concerning the elder as the younger. The lot divided all things equitably. (1 Chronicles 24, 31)

  • And they cast lots in their turns, the elder equally with the younger, the learned together with the unlearned. (1 Chronicles 25, 8)

  • Then they cast lots equally, for both the small and the great, by their families, concerning each one of the gates. (1 Chronicles 26, 13)

  • And as for you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve him with a perfect heart and a willing mind. For the Lord searches all hearts, and understands the thoughts of all minds. If you seek him, you will find him. But if you abandon him, he will cast you aside for eternity. (1 Chronicles 28, 9)

  • The king cast these in the region near the Jordan, in the clay soil between Succoth and Zeredah. (2 Chronicles 4, 17)

  • I will uproot you from my land, which I gave to you, and from this house, which I sanctified to my name, and I will cast it away from before my face, and I will deliver it to be a parable and an example for all the peoples. (2 Chronicles 7, 20)

  • leaving behind their suburbs and possessions, and crossing over to Judah and to Jerusalem. For Jeroboam and his followers had cast them out, so that they could not exercise the priestly office to the Lord. (2 Chronicles 11, 14)

  • And you have cast out the priests of the Lord, the sons of Aaron, as well as the Levites. And like all the peoples of the lands, you have made priests for yourselves. Anyone who is willing to come and perform the ritual by his hand, with a bull from the herd and with seven rams, is made a priest of those who are not gods. (2 Chronicles 13, 9)

  • They are doing the contrary, and they are striving to cast us from the possession which you delivered to us. (2 Chronicles 20, 11)

  • Instead, he walked in the ways of the kings of Israel. Moreover, he also cast statues for the Baals. (2 Chronicles 28, 2)

  • And rising up, they destroyed the altars which were in Jerusalem, and all the things in which incense was burned to idols. Overturning these things, they cast them into the torrent Kidron. (2 Chronicles 30, 14)

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