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  • If, therefore, I have found favor in your sight, show your face to me, so that I may know you and may find grace before your eyes. Look favorably on your people, this nation.” (Exodus 33, 13)

  • But if the leprosy will have flourished, coursing through the skin, and will have covered all the skin from the head even to the feet, whatever falls under the sight of the eyes, (Leviticus 13, 12)

  • if he has a bulging back or bleary eyes, or if he has a white spot in his eye, or a chronic scab, or a skin disease on his body, or a hernia. (Leviticus 21, 20)

  • then I also will do these things to you. I will quickly visit you with destitution, and burning heat, which will waste away your eyes, and consume your lives. In vain will you sow your seed, which will be devoured by your enemies. (Leviticus 26, 16)

  • Our life is dry; our eyes look out to see nothing but manna.” (Numbers 11, 6)

  • But if it seems to you otherwise, I beg you to put me to death, and so may I find grace in your eyes, lest I be afflicted with such evils.” (Numbers 11, 15)

  • so that, when they see these, they may remember all the commandments of the Lord, and they may not follow their own thoughts and eyes, fornicating in various ways, (Numbers 15, 39)

  • You have led us, it is true, to a land that flows with streams of milk and honey, and you have given us possession of fields and vineyards. But will you also tear out our eyes? We will not come.” (Numbers 16, 14)

  • Immediately, the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the Angel standing in the way with a drawn sword, and he reverenced him prone on the ground. (Numbers 22, 31)

  • and lifting up his eyes, he saw Israel dwelling in tents by their tribes. And with the Spirit of God rushing into him, (Numbers 24, 2)

  • the hearer of the sermon of God, he who has gazed upon a vision of the Almighty, he who falls down and so his eyes are opened, has declared: (Numbers 24, 4)

  • the hearer of the sermon of God, he who knows the doctrine of the Most High, and who sees the visions of the Almighty, who, falling down, has his eyes opened, has declared: (Numbers 24, 16)

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