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  • Thus says the Lord God: And those who prop up Egypt will fall, and the arrogance of its reign will be brought down. They will fall in it by the sword, before the tower of Syene, says the Lord, the God of hosts. (Ezekiel 30, 6)

  • And I will sanctify my great name, which was defiled among the Gentiles, which you have defiled in their midst. So may the Gentiles know that I am the Lord, says the Lord of hosts, when I will have been sanctified in you, before their eyes. (Ezekiel 36, 23)

  • And the Lord God of hosts, the Lord is his memorial. (Hosea 12, 5)

  • Listen and give testimony in the house of Jacob, says the Lord God of hosts: (Amos 3, 13)

  • For behold, he who forms the mountains and creates the wind and announces his speech to man, who makes the morning mist and steps over the heights of the earth: the Lord God of hosts is his name. (Amos 4, 13)

  • Seek good and not evil, so that you may live. And the Lord God of hosts will be with you, just as you have asked. (Amos 5, 14)

  • Hate evil and love good, and establish judgment at the gate. Perhaps then the Lord God of hosts may have mercy on the remnant of Joseph. (Amos 5, 15)

  • Therefore, thus says the Lord God of hosts, the Sovereign: In all the streets, there will be wailing. And in every place where they are outdoors, they will say, “Woe, woe!” And they will call the farmer to mourn, and those who know mourning to lamentation. (Amos 5, 16)

  • And I will cause you to go into captivity across Damascus, says the Lord. The God of hosts is his name. (Amos 5, 27)

  • The Lord God has sworn by his own soul, the Lord God of hosts says: I detest the arrogance of Jacob, and I hate his houses, and I will hand over the city with its inhabitants. (Amos 6, 8)

  • For behold, house of Israel, I will raise up a people over you, says the Lord God of hosts, and they will crush you from the entrance of Hamath all the way to the burning of the desert. (Amos 6, 15)

  • And the Lord God of hosts, he touches the earth and it will melt. And all who dwell in it will mourn. And everyone will rise up like a river, and will flow away like the river of Egypt. (Amos 9, 5)

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