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  • And so Abraham, getting up in the night, harnessed his donkey, taking with him two youths, and his son Isaac. And when he had cut wood for the holocaust, he traveled toward the place, as God had instructed him. (Genesis 22, 3)

  • where the Lord appeared to him on the same night, saying: “I am the God of Abraham your father. Do not be afraid, for I am with you. I will bless you, and I will multiply your offspring because of my servant Abraham.” (Genesis 26, 24)

  • And at night, he brought in his daughter Leah to him, (Genesis 29, 23)

  • She responded, “Does it seem like such a small matter to you, that you have usurped from me my husband, unless you will also take my son’s mandrakes?” Rachel said, “He will sleep with you this night because of your son’s mandrakes.” (Genesis 30, 15)

  • And when Jacob returned from the field in the evening, Leah went out to meet him, and she said, “You will enter to me, because I have hired you for the reward of my son’s mandrakes.” And he slept with her that night. (Genesis 30, 16)

  • Day and night, I was burned by heat and by frost, and sleep fled from my eyes. (Genesis 31, 40)

  • In truth, Laban rose up in the night, and he kissed his sons and daughters, and he blessed them. And he returned to his place. (Genesis 31, 55)

  • And when he had slept there that night, he separated, from the things that he had, gifts for his brother Esau: (Genesis 32, 13)

  • And so the gifts went before him, but he himself lodged that night in the camp. (Genesis 32, 21)

  • And they both saw a similar dream on one night, whose interpretations should be related to one another. (Genesis 40, 5)

  • There, in one night, both of us saw a dream presaging the future. (Genesis 41, 11)

  • he heard him, by a vision in the night, calling him, and saying to him: “Jacob, Jacob.” And he answered him, “Behold, here I am.” (Genesis 46, 2)

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