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  • And so he cut out two tablets of stone, like those that were before. And rising up in the night, he ascended onto Mount Sinai, just as the Lord had instructed him, carrying with him the tablets. (Exodus 34, 4)

  • Certainly, the cloud of the Lord lay over the tabernacle by day, and the fire by night, being seen by all the people of Israel throughout all their resting places. (Exodus 40, 36)

  • Instruct Aaron and his sons: This is the law of a holocaust. It shall be burned upon the altar, all night until morning. The fire shall be from the same altar. (Leviticus 6, 9)

  • Day and night you shall remain in the tabernacle, observing the watches of the Lord, otherwise you shall die. For so it has been commanded to me.” (Leviticus 8, 35)

  • This was so continually: throughout the day a cloud covered it, and throughout the night, the appearance of fire. (Numbers 9, 16)

  • And if it happened that it remained for a long time over it, the sons of Israel kept the night watches of the Lord, and they did not advance, (Numbers 9, 19)

  • If the cloud remained from evening until morning, and immediately, at first light, it left the tabernacle, they set out. And if it withdrew after a day and a night, they dismantled their tents. (Numbers 9, 21)

  • By the word of the Lord they fixed their tents, and by his word they advanced. And they kept the night watches of the Lord, according to his command by the hand of Moses. (Numbers 9, 23)

  • And when the dew descended in the night over the camp, the manna descended together with it. (Numbers 11, 9)

  • Therefore, the people, rising up, gathered quails all that day and night, and the next day; he who did least well gathered ten homers. And they dried them throughout the camp. (Numbers 11, 32)

  • And so, crying out, the entire crowd wept throughout that night. (Numbers 14, 1)

  • and the inhabitants of this land, who have heard that you, O Lord, are among this people, and that you are seen face to face, and that your cloud protects them, and that you go before them with a column of cloud by day, and a column of fire by night, (Numbers 14, 14)

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