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  • and instruct them so that they may take from the midst of the channel of the Jordan, where the feet of the priests stood still, twelve very hard stones, which you shall station in the place of the camp, where you will pitch your tents this night.” (Joshua 4, 3)

  • And so, with Joshua, arising in the night, the priests took the ark of the Lord, (Joshua 6, 12)

  • And Joshua rose up, and the entire army of warriors with him, so that they might ascend against Ai. And he sent thirty thousand elect strong men in the night. (Joshua 8, 3)

  • And he sent them away, and they traveled to the place of the ambush, and they settled between Bethel and Ai, toward the western region of the city of Ai. But Joshua remained for that night in the midst of the people. (Joshua 8, 9)

  • Yet truly, all the remainder of the army was arranged in a line to the north, so that the very end of that multitude reached to the western region of the city. Then Joshua went out that night, and he stood in the middle of the valley. (Joshua 8, 13)

  • And so Joshua, ascending from Gilgal throughout the night, rushed upon them suddenly. (Joshua 10, 9)

  • that night, the Lord said to him: “Take a bull of your father’s, and another bull of seven years, and you shall destroy the altar of Baal, which is your father’s. And you shall cut down the sacred grove which is around the altar. (Judges 6, 25)

  • Therefore, Gideon, taking ten men from his servants, did just as the Lord had instructed him. But fearing his father’s household, and the men of that city, he was not willing to do it by day. Instead, he completed everything by night. (Judges 6, 27)

  • And so it was done. And rising in the night, wringing out the fleece, he filled a vessel with the dew. (Judges 6, 38)

  • And that night, God did as he had requested. And it was dry only on the fleece, and there was dew on all the ground. (Judges 6, 40)

  • And so Jerubbaal, who is also Gideon, rising in the night, and all the people with him, went to the fountain which is called Harod. Now the camp of Midian was in the valley, to the northern region of the high hill. (Judges 7, 1)

  • In the same night, the Lord said to him: “Rise up, and descend into the camp. For I have delivered them into your hand. (Judges 7, 9)

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