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  • Very early next morning, he rose and hurried to the lions' den. (Daniel 6, 19)

  • You will return in the morning, and if you find that Bel has not eaten the food and drunk the wine, we are ready to be executed. But if the reverse happens, Daniel must die for telling lies and slandering us." (Daniel 14, 12)

  • Early the next morning, the king returned to the temple with Daniel. (Daniel 14, 16)

  • O Ephraim, what shall I do with you? O Judah, how shall I deal with you? This love of yours is like morning mist, like morning dew that quickly disappears. (Hosea 6, 4)

  • In their plotting they burn like an oven; all night their anger smolders and in the morning blazes like a fire. (Hosea 7, 6)

  • That is why they will be like morning mist and like dew which does not last, like the straw swept away on the threshing floor, like smoke escaping through a window. (Hosea 13, 3)

  • "Come, sinners, to the Sanctuary in Bethel, go down to Gilgal and sin even more! Each morning bring your sacrifices and on the third day your tithes. Burn leavened food for thanksgiving. (Amos 4, 4)

  • Woe to those who plot wickedness and plan evil even on their beds! When morning comes they do it, as soon as it is within their reach. (Micah 2, 1)

  • However, Yahweh the Just one is in her midst; he never commits injustice. Every morning he says what must be done; but the unjust do not even feel ashamed. (Zephaniah 3, 5)

  • And in the morning you say: 'Stormy weather today, for the sky in the east is red.' If you know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, why can't you interpret the signs of the times?) (Matthew 16, 3)

  • This story throws light on the kingdom of heaven. A landowner went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard. (Matthew 20, 1)

  • He went out again at about nine in the morning, and seeing others idle in the square, (Matthew 20, 3)

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