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  • He said to him: Take thy only begotten son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and go into the land of vision: and there thou shalt offer him for a holocaust upon one of the mountains which I will show thee. (Genesis 22, 2)

  • So Abraham rising up in the night, saddled his ass: and took with him two young men, and Isaac his son: and when he had cut wood for the holocaust he went his way to the place which God had commanded him. (Genesis 22, 3)

  • And he took the wood for the holocaust, and laid it upon Isaac his son: and he himself carried in his hands fire and a sword. And as they two went on together, (Genesis 22, 6)

  • Isaac said to his father: My father. And he answered: What wilt thou, son? Behold, saith he, fire and wood: where is the victim for the holocaust? (Genesis 22, 7)

  • And Abraham said: God will provide himself a victim for an holocaust, my son. So they went on together. (Genesis 22, 8)

  • Abraham lifted up his eyes, and saw behind his back a ram amongst the briers sticking fast by the horns, which he took and offered for a holocaust instead of his son. (Genesis 22, 13)

  • And thou shalt take all from their hands, and shalt burn them upon the altar for a holocaust, a most sweet savour in the sight of the Lord, because it is his oblation. (Exodus 29, 25)

  • And of holocaust, and all the furniture that belongeth to the service of them. (Exodus 30, 28)

  • And of holocaust, and all their vessels, the laver with its foot, (Exodus 31, 9)

  • The altar of holocaust, and its grate of brass, with the bars and vessels thereof: the laver and its foot: (Exodus 35, 16)

  • He made also the altar of holocaust of setim wood, five cubits square, and three in height: (Exodus 38, 1)

  • And before it the altar of holocaust: (Exodus 40, 6)

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