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  • If then the girl refuses to follow you, you will be quit of this oath to me. Only do not take my son back there.' (Genesis 24, 8)

  • Yahweh then said to Moses, 'Pharaoh is adamant. He refuses to let the people go. (Exodus 7, 14)

  • If her father absolutely refuses to let him have her, he will pay a sum equivalent to the bride-price of a virgin. (Exodus 22, 16)

  • So the chiefs of Moab got up, went back to Balak and said, 'Balaam refuses to come with us.' (Numbers 22, 14)

  • I shall put my words into his mouth and he will tell them everything I command him. Anyone who refuses to listen to my words, spoken by him in my name, will have to render an account to me. (Deuteronomy 18, 19)

  • But if it refuses peace and gives battle, you must besiege it. (Deuteronomy 20, 12)

  • then the woman to whom he owes duty as brother must go up to him in the presence of the elders, take the sandal off his foot, spit in his face, and pronounce the following words, "This is what is done to the man who refuses to restore his brother's house," (Deuteronomy 25, 9)

  • For Yahweh God is a rampart and shield, he gives grace and glory; Yahweh refuses nothing good to those whose life is blameless. (Psalms 84, 11)

  • Whoever refuses to listen to the cry of the weak, will in turn plead and not be heard. (Proverbs 21, 13)

  • Whoever refuses to listen to the Law, such a one's very prayer is an abomination. (Proverbs 28, 9)

  • No good will come to one who persists in evil, or who refuses to give alms. (Ecclesiasticus 12, 3)

  • For the fool speaks folly and his heart is set on villainy; he is godless in his actions and his words ascribe error to Yahweh; he starves the hungry of their food and refuses drink to the thirsty. (Isaiah 32, 6)

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