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  • But if the priest, on examining it, finds that there is no white hair on the blotch and that this is not deeper than the skin and is already dying out, the priest shall quarantine him for seven days. (Leviticus 12, 26)

  • But if the priest, on examining the scall sore, finds that it has not penetrated below the skin, though the hair on it may not be black, the priest shall quarantine the person with scall sore for seven days, (Leviticus 12, 31)

  • the man shall shave himself, but not on the diseased spot. Then the priest shall quarantine him for another seven days. (Leviticus 12, 33)

  • Having examined the infection, the priest shall quarantine the infected article for seven days. (Leviticus 12, 50)

  • he shall give orders to have the infected article washed and then quarantined for another seven days. (Leviticus 12, 54)

  • The man being purified shall then wash his garments and shave off all his hair and bathe in water; only when he is thus made clean may he come inside the camp; but he shall still remain outside his tent for seven days. (Leviticus 13, 8)

  • he shall close the door of the house behind him and quarantine the house for seven days. (Leviticus 13, 38)

  • "When a man who has been afflicted with a flow becomes free of his affliction, he shall wait seven days for his purification. Then he shall wash his garments and bathe his body in fresh water, and so he will be clean. (Leviticus 14, 13)

  • "When a woman has her menstrual flow, she shall be in a state of impurity for seven days. Anyone who touches her shall be unclean until evening. (Leviticus 14, 19)

  • If a man dares to lie with her, he contracts her impurity and shall be unclean for seven days; every bed on which he then lies also becomes unclean. (Leviticus 14, 24)

  • "When a woman is afflicted with a flow of blood for several days outside her menstrual period, or when her flow continues beyond the ordinary period, as long as she suffers this unclean flow she shall be unclean, just as during her menstrual period. (Leviticus 14, 25)

  • "If she becomes freed from her affliction, she shall wait seven days, and only then is she to be purified. (Leviticus 14, 28)

“O temor e a confiança devem dar as mãos e proceder como irmãos. Se nos damos conta de que temos muito temor devemos recorrer à confiança. Se confiamos excessivamente devemos ter um pouco de temor”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina