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  • Now when the leaders of the army of the Assyrians had heard this, they all tore their garments, and an intolerable fear and trembling fell over them, and their minds were greatly disturbed. (Judith 14, 17)

  • And, since the Assyrians were not united, they rushed headlong in their flight. But the sons of Israel, pursuing like one unit, struck down all they were able to find. (Judith 15, 4)

  • But the remainder, who were in Bethulia, entered the camp of the Assyrians and took away the plunder that the Assyrians, in their flight, had left behind, and they were exceedingly burdened. (Judith 15, 7)

  • But all of thirty days were scarcely enough for the people of Israel to collect the spoils of the Assyrians. (Judith 15, 13)

  • Then the camp of the Assyrians howled, when my humble ones appeared, parched with thirst. (Judith 16, 13)

  • Unto the end. With Praises. A Psalm of Asaph. A Canticle to the Assyrians. (Psalms 75, 1)

  • He threw down the army of the Assyrians, and the Angel of the Lord crushed them. (Ecclesiasticus 48, 24)

  • The Lord will lead over you, and over your people, and over the house of your father, such days as have not occurred since the days of the separation of Ephraim from Judah by the king of the Assyrians. (Isaiah 7, 17)

  • In that day, the Lord will shave with a razor the ones hired by those who are across the river, by the king of the Assyrians, from the head to the hairs of the feet, with the entire beard. (Isaiah 7, 20)

  • For before the boy knows how to call to his father and his mother, the strength of Damascus and the spoils of Samaria will be taken away, in the sight of the king of the Assyrians.” (Isaiah 8, 4)

  • for this reason, behold, the Lord will lead over them the waters of a river, strong and plentiful: the king of the Assyrians with all his glory. And he will rise up throughout all his streams, and he will overflow all his banks. (Isaiah 8, 7)

  • And there will be a way for the remnant of my people, who will be left behind by the Assyrians: just as there was for Israel in the day that he ascended from the land of Egypt. (Isaiah 11, 16)

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