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  • And the Lord blessed the house of the Egyptian, because of Joseph, and he multiplied all his substance, as much in the buildings, as in the fields. (Genesis 39, 5)

  • Neither did he know anything other than the bread that he ate. Now Joseph was beautiful in form, and stately in appearance. (Genesis 39, 6)

  • And so, after many days, his mistress cast her eyes on Joseph, and she said, “Sleep with me.” (Genesis 39, 7)

  • Then it happened, on a certain day, that Joseph entered the house, and he was doing something, without any witnesses. (Genesis 39, 11)

  • And he delivered Joseph into prison, where the prisoners of the king were kept, and he was enclosed in that place. (Genesis 39, 20)

  • But the Lord was with Joseph, and, having mercy on him, he gave him favor in the sight of the leader of the prison, (Genesis 39, 21)

  • sent them to the prison of the leader of the military, in which Joseph also was a prisoner. (Genesis 40, 3)

  • But the keeper of the prison delivered them to Joseph, who ministered to them also. Some little time passed by, while they were held in custody. (Genesis 40, 4)

  • And when Joseph had entered to them in the morning, and had seen them sad, (Genesis 40, 6)

  • They responded, “We have seen a dream, and there is no one to interpret it for us.” And Joseph said to them, “Doesn’t interpretation belong to God? Recount for me what you have seen.” (Genesis 40, 8)

  • Joseph responded: “This is the interpretation of the dream. The three shoots are the next three days, (Genesis 40, 12)

  • Joseph responded: “This is the interpretation of the dream. The three baskets are the next three days, (Genesis 40, 18)

“Você teme um homem,um pobre instrumento nas mãos de Deus, mas não teme a justiça divina?” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina