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  • and four gold rings, which you shall set into the four corners of the ark. Let two rings be on one side and two on the other. (Exodus 25, 12)

  • And you shall put them through the rings that are in the sides of the ark, so that it may be carried on them. (Exodus 25, 14)

  • These must always be in the rings, neither shall they ever be drawn out of them. (Exodus 25, 15)

  • Likewise, you shall prepare four gold rings and set them in the four corners of the same table, over each foot. (Exodus 25, 26)

  • Under the crown, there shall be gold rings, so that the bars may be put through them and the table may be carried. (Exodus 25, 27)

  • You shall also make fifty rings of gold, with which the veils of the curtains are to be joined, so that it shall be one tabernacle. (Exodus 26, 6)

  • Likewise, the panels themselves you shall overlay with gold, and you shall establish rings of gold in them, by which the bars of the panels may be connected. These you shall cover with layers of gold. (Exodus 26, 29)

  • Then the veil shall be inserted through the rings. Beyond the veil, you shall place the ark of the testimony, where both the Sanctuary and the Sanctuary of Sanctuaries shall be divided. (Exodus 26, 33)

  • along with a grating of brass in the manner of a net. At its four corners there shall be four rings of brass, (Exodus 27, 4)

  • And you shall lead them through the rings, and they will be on both sides of the altar to carry it. (Exodus 27, 7)

  • and two rings of gold, which you shall place at both ends of the breastplate. (Exodus 28, 23)

  • And the golden chains, you shall join to the rings, which are at its edges. (Exodus 28, 24)

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