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  • Ham, father of Canaan, saw his father naked and told his two brothers outside. (Genesis 9, 22)

  • and said: Accursed be Canaan, he shall be his brothers' meanest slave. (Genesis 9, 25)

  • said, 'Please, brothers, do not be wicked. (Genesis 19, 7)

  • Let peoples serve you and nations bow low before you! Be master of your brothers; let your mother's other sons bow low before you! Accursed be whoever curses you and blessed be whoever blesses you! (Genesis 27, 29)

  • Isaac replied to Esau, 'I have already made him your master; I have given him all his brothers as servants, I have given him grain and wine to sustain him. So what can I do for you, son?' (Genesis 27, 37)

  • Taking his brothers with him, he pursued him for seven days and overtook him at Mount Gilead. (Genesis 31, 23)

  • But whoever is found in possession of your gods shall not remain alive. In the presence of our brothers, examine for yourself what I have, and take what is yours.' Now Jacob did not know that Rachel had appropriated them. (Genesis 31, 32)

  • You have gone through all my belongings; have you found anything belonging to your household? Produce it here in the presence of my brothers and yours, and let them decide between the two of us. (Genesis 31, 37)

  • Then Shechem addressed the girl's father and brothers, 'Grant me this favour, and I will give you whatever you ask. (Genesis 34, 11)

  • Now on the third day, when the men were still in pain, Jacob's two sons Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brothers, each took his sword and advanced unopposed against the town and slaughtered all the males. (Genesis 34, 25)

  • This is the story of Joseph. Joseph was seventeen years old. As he was young, he was shepherding the flock with his brothers, with the sons of his father's wives, Bilhah and Zilpah; and Joseph brought his father bad reports about them. (Genesis 37, 2)

  • But his brothers, seeing how much more his father loved him than all his other sons, came to hate him so much that they could not say a civil word to him. (Genesis 37, 4)

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