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  • But God appeared to Laban the Aramaean in a dream that night and said to him, 'On no account say anything whatever to Jacob.' (Genesis 31, 24)

  • Laban caught up with Jacob, who had pitched his tent in the hills; and Laban pitched camp on Mount Gilead. (Genesis 31, 25)

  • Laban said to Jacob, 'What do you mean by outwitting me and then carrying off my daughters like prisoners of war? (Genesis 31, 26)

  • Jacob answered Laban, 'I was afraid, thinking you were going to snatch your daughters from me. (Genesis 31, 31)

  • Laban went into Jacob's tent, and then into Leah's tent and the tent of the two slave-girls, but he found nothing. He came out of Leah's tent and went into Rachel's. (Genesis 31, 33)

  • Now Rachel had taken the household idols and put them inside a camel cushion, and was sitting on them. Laban went through everything in the tent but found nothing. (Genesis 31, 34)

  • Then Rachel said to her father, 'Do not look angry, my lord, because I cannot rise in your presence, for I am as women are from time to time.' Laban searched but did not find the idols. (Genesis 31, 35)

  • Then Jacob lost his temper and took Laban to task. And Jacob said to Laban, 'What is my offence, what is my crime, for you to have hounded me like this? (Genesis 31, 36)

  • Laban replied to Jacob, 'These daughters are my daughters and these children are my children, this livestock is my livestock: everything you see belongs to me. But what can I do today about my daughters here or about the children they have borne? (Genesis 31, 43)

  • Laban called it Jegar-Sahadutha while Jacob called it Galeed. (Genesis 31, 47)

  • Laban said, 'May this cairn be a witness between us today.' That is why he named it Galeed, (Genesis 31, 48)

  • Then Laban said to Jacob, 'Here is this cairn I have thrown up between us, and here the pillar. (Genesis 31, 51)

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