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  • Moses then stood at the gate of the camp and shouted, 'Who is for Yahweh? To me!' And all the Levites rallied round him. (Exodus 32, 26)

  • The Levites did as Moses said, and of the people about three thousand men perished that day. (Exodus 32, 28)

  • These are the accounts for the Dwelling -- the Dwelling of the Testimony -- drawn up by order of Moses, the work of Levites, produced by Ithamar son of Aaron, the priest. (Exodus 38, 21)

  • "As regards the towns of the Levites, town houses forming part of their ancestral property will carry a perpetual right of redemption in their favour. (Leviticus 25, 32)

  • If a Levite is the one to be affected by the right of redemption, at the jubilee he will vacate the purchased property and return to his own home, to the town in which he has a title to property. The houses in the Levites' towns represent their ancestral property in Israel, (Leviticus 25, 33)

  • But the Levites and their tribes were not included in the count. (Numbers 1, 47)

  • 'Do not, however, take a census of the Levites, or register them with the other Israelites, (Numbers 1, 49)

  • but enrol the Levites to take charge of the Dwelling where the Testimony is and of all its furnishings and belongings. They must carry the Dwelling and all its furnishings; they must look after the Dwelling and pitch their camp round it. (Numbers 1, 50)

  • Whenever the Dwelling is moved, the Levites will dismantle it; whenever the Dwelling stops for the night, the Levites will erect it. Any unauthorised person coming near it will be put to death. (Numbers 1, 51)

  • but the Levites will pitch their tents round the Dwelling where the Testimony is. In this way Retribution will be kept from falling on the whole community of Israelites, and the Levites will keep charge of the Dwelling of the Testimony.' (Numbers 1, 53)

  • 'Next, the Tent of Meeting will move, since the camp of the Levites is situated in the middle of the other camps. The order of movement will be the order of encampment, each man under his own standard. (Numbers 2, 17)

  • But, as Yahweh had ordered Moses, the Levites were not included in the census of the Israelites. (Numbers 2, 33)

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