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  • Composition of Qoheleth son of David, king in Jerusalem. (Ecclesiastes 1, 1)

  • Sheer futility, Qoheleth says. Sheer futility: everything is futile! (Ecclesiastes 1, 2)

  • I, Qoheleth, have reigned over Israel in Jerusalem. (Ecclesiastes 1, 12)

  • This is what I think, says Qoheleth, having examined one thing after another to draw some conclusion, (Ecclesiastes 7, 27)

  • Sheer futility, Qoheleth says, everything is futile. (Ecclesiastes 12, 8)

  • Besides being a sage, Qoheleth taught the people what he himself knew, having weighed, studied and emended many proverbs. (Ecclesiastes 12, 9)

  • Qoheleth took pains to write in an attractive style and by it to convey truths. (Ecclesiastes 12, 10)

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