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  • and on the other side -- either side of the gateway to the court -- there were fifteen cubits of curtaining with its three poles and their three sockets. (Exodus 38, 15)

  • the sockets for the poles were of bronze, the poles' hooks and rods of silver, their capitals were overlaid with silver and all the poles of the court had silver rods. (Exodus 38, 17)

  • its four poles and their four sockets being of bronze, their hooks of silver, their capitals overlaid with silver, and their rods of silver. (Exodus 38, 19)

  • A hundred talents of silver were used for casting the sockets for the sanctuary and the sockets for the curtain: a hundred sockets from a hundred talents, one talent per socket. (Exodus 38, 27)

  • and from it he made the sockets for the entrance of the Tent of Meeting, the bronze altar, its bronze grating and all the altar accessories, (Exodus 38, 30)

  • the sockets all round the court, the sockets for the gateway to the court, all the pegs for the Dwelling and all the pegs round the court. (Exodus 38, 31)

  • They then brought Moses the Dwelling, the Tent and all its accessories: its clasps, frames, crossbars, poles and sockets; (Exodus 39, 33)

  • the curtaining for the court, its poles, its sockets, and the screen for the gateway to the court, its cords, its pegs and all the accessories for the service of the Dwelling, for the Tent of Meeting; (Exodus 39, 40)

  • Moses erected the Dwelling. He fixed its sockets, set up its frames, put its crossbars in position and set up its poles. (Exodus 40, 18)

  • The Merarites were in charge of the framework of the Dwelling, with its crossbars, poles, sockets and all its accessories and fittings, (Numbers 3, 36)

  • and also the poles round the court, with their sockets, pegs and cords. (Numbers 3, 37)

  • 'The load they carry and the duties incumbent on them in the Tent of Meeting will be as follows: the framework of the Dwelling, its cross-bars, poles and sockets, (Numbers 4, 31)

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