Talált 28 Eredmények: Suffered

  • Now that he was dead, his brothers were afraid, and they said to one another: “Perhaps now he may remember the injury that he suffered and requite us for all the evil that we did to him.” (Genesis 50, 15)

  • suffered death and were struck down in the sight of the Lord. (Numbers 14, 37)

  • And when they had gone, and had sent word to David, (for they had suffered a great disgrace,) he sent to meet them, and he instructed them that they should remain at Jericho until their beards grew, and then they should return. (1 Chronicles 19, 5)

  • For you are obliged to be mindful of what great perils she suffered because of you in her womb. (Tobit 4, 4)

  • And whatever they suffered, and whatever was altered afterwards, the Jews received for themselves and their offspring and for all who were willing to be joined to their religion, so that none would be permitted to transgress the solemnity of these two days, to which the writing testifies, and which certain times require, as the years continually succeed one another. (Esther 14, 27)

  • But the people stood firm, just as Jonathan had instructed them, and their horses suffered hardships. (1 Maccabees 10, 81)

  • And though, in the sight of men, they suffered torments, their hope is full of immortality. (Wisdom of Solomon 3, 4)

  • For the visions that disturbed them had forewarned of these things, lest they should perish and not know why they suffered these evils. (Wisdom of Solomon 18, 19)

  • For, to console their loss, the quail came up to them from the sea, and yet troubles overcame the sinners, though they were not without the evidence of what had happened before by the power of lightning, for they suffered justly according to their own wickedness. (Wisdom of Solomon 19, 12)

  • The rich man has suffered no injustice, and yet he fumes. But the poor man, though he has been wounded, will remain silent. (Ecclesiasticus 13, 4)

  • Son, shed tears over the dead, and begin to weep, as if you had suffered dreadfully. And according to judgment, cover his body, and you should not neglect his burial. (Ecclesiasticus 38, 16)

  • “You know me, O Lord. Remember me, and visit me, and watch over me, because of those who persecute me. In your patience, do not choose to let me endure. You know I have suffered reproach because of you. (Jeremiah 15, 15)

“A meditação não é um meio para chegar a Deus, mas um fim. A finalidade da meditação é o amor a Deus e ao próximo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina