Talált 357 Eredmények: altar

  • And you shall take all the fat which covers its intestines, and the mesh of the liver, as well as the two kidneys, and the fat that is on them, and you shall offer them as a burnt offering upon the altar. (Exodus 29, 13)

  • And when you will have sacrificed it, you shall take from its blood and pour it around the altar. (Exodus 29, 16)

  • And you shall offer the entire ram as a burnt offering upon the altar. It is an oblation to the Lord, a most sweet odor of the victim of the Lord. (Exodus 29, 18)

  • And when you will have immolated it, you shall take of its blood, and place it on the tip of the right ear of Aaron and his sons, and on the thumbs and big toes of their right hand and right foot, and you shall pour the blood upon the altar, all around. (Exodus 29, 20)

  • And when you have taken from the blood that is on the altar, and from the oil of unction, you shall sprinkle Aaron and his vestment, his sons and their vestments. And after they and their vestments have been consecrated, (Exodus 29, 21)

  • And you shall take all these things from their hands and burn them upon the altar as a holocaust, as a most sweet odor in the sight of the Lord, because it is his oblation. (Exodus 29, 25)

  • and you shall offer a calf for sin on each day, as an atonement. And you shall cleanse the altar when you will have immolated the victim of expiation, and you shall anoint it for sanctification. (Exodus 29, 36)

  • For seven days, you shall expiate and sanctify the altar, and it shall be the Holy of holies. All those who will touch it must be sanctified. (Exodus 29, 37)

  • This is what you shall acquire for the altar: Two one-year-old lambs, each day continually, (Exodus 29, 38)

  • And there I will instruct the sons of Israel, and the altar shall be sanctified by my glory. (Exodus 29, 43)

  • I will also sanctify the tabernacle of the testimony with the altar, and Aaron with his sons, to exercise the priesthood for me. (Exodus 29, 44)

  • “You shall also make an altar, for the burning of incense, from setim wood, (Exodus 30, 1)

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