Talált 248 Eredmények: Joseph

  • The steward took them into Joseph's house, gave them water to wash their feet and fodder for their donkeys. (Genesis 43, 24)

  • They prepared their present and waited for Joseph's arrival at midday, for they heard they were to dine there. (Genesis 43, 25)

  • When Joseph came into the house, they offered him the gift they had with them and bowed to the ground before him. (Genesis 43, 26)

  • So deeply moved was Joseph, on seeing his brother, that he wanted to cry and went out quickly and wept in his own private room. (Genesis 43, 30)

  • Joseph had portions from his own dish taken to them and Benjamin's portion was five times more than that of the others. So they drank freely with him. (Genesis 43, 34)

  • Now Joseph gave this order to his steward, "Fill the men's sacks with as much food as they can carry and put back each man's silver in the mouth of his sack, (Genesis 44, 1)

  • and put my cup, the silver cup with the money for the grain in the sack of the youngest." The steward did as Joseph had directed. (Genesis 44, 2)

  • When they had gone but were still not far from the city, Joseph said to his steward, "Go quickly after those men and when you have caught up with them, say this: Why have you repaid good with evil? (Genesis 44, 4)

  • Joseph was still in the house when Judah and his brothers returned and they threw themselves on the ground before him. (Genesis 44, 14)

  • Joseph said to them, "What have you done? Didn't you know that a man such as I am is able to divine?" (Genesis 44, 15)

  • But Joseph said, "Far be it from me to do that. Only the man found to have the cup will be my slave. As for the rest, go back in peace to your father." (Genesis 44, 17)

  • Now Joseph could no longer control his feelings in the presence of all those standing by and he called out, "Leave my presence, everyone!" And only his brothers were with him when Joseph made himself known to them. (Genesis 45, 1)

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