Talált 182 Eredmények: Strong

  • He answered, "You will no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have been strong-with-God as you have been with men and have prevailed." (Genesis 32, 28)

  • But Jacob said to him, "My lord knows that the children are not strong, and besides I must think of the ewes with lambs and the cows that have calves and if they are driven too hard, even for one day, all the flocks will die. (Genesis 33, 13)

  • who brought a very strong wind from the west that carried off the locusts and swept them into the Red Sea. Not one locust was left within the boundaries of Egypt. (Exodus 10, 19)

  • Moses stretched his hand over the sea and Yahweh made a strong east wind blow all night and dry up the sea. The waters divided (Exodus 14, 21)

  • "Before coming to the Tent of Meeting, you and your sons with you, do not drink wine or strong drink; lest you die. This is a law for all your descendants for all time to come, (Leviticus 10, 9)

  • he shall abstain from wine and strong drink. He shall not drink vinegar made from wine or strong drink; nor shall he drink the juice of the grape or eat fresh or dried grapes. (Numbers 6, 3)

  • and see what the land is like, whether the people there are strong or weak, many or few. (Numbers 13, 18)

  • But how strong are the people who inhabit the land! The cities are fortified with walls and bars, and we even saw there descendants of the Anakites. (Numbers 13, 28)

  • Edom answered, "You shall not pass through." And the Edomites marched out to meet Israel with many armed men and a strong army. (Numbers 20, 20)

  • He conquers the land of Edom, and takes the cities of his enemies. Israel grows strong; (Numbers 24, 18)

  • All the strong men will go armed ahead of their Israelite brothers until Yahweh gives them a place where they can rest as he has given you, and they too possess the land which I will give you at the other side of the Jordan. Then each one of you will return to his own inheritance which I have given you." (Deuteronomy 3, 20)

  • those terrible trials which you saw with your eyes and the marvels and signs, the strong hand and outstretched arm with which Yahweh, your God, has freed you. (Deuteronomy 7, 19)

O sábio elogia a mulher forte dizendo: os seu dedos manejaram o fuso. A roca é o alvo dos seus desejos. Fie, portanto, cada dia um pouco. Puxe fio a fio até a execução e, infalivelmente, você chegará ao fim. Mas não tenha pressa, pois senão você poderá misturar o fio com os nós e embaraçar tudo.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina