Talált 387 Eredmények: Towns

  • They broke camp; a divine terror struck the towns round about, and no one pursued the sons of Jacob. (Genesis 35, 5)

  • They will collect all the food produced during these good years that are coming, and store the grain under Pharaoh's authority, putting it in the towns and keeping it. (Genesis 41, 35)

  • He collected all the food of the seven years while there was an abundance in Egypt, and stored the food in the towns, placing in each the food from the surrounding countryside. (Genesis 41, 48)

  • "As regards the towns of the Levites, town houses forming part of their ancestral property will carry a perpetual right of redemption in their favour. (Leviticus 25, 32)

  • If a Levite is the one to be affected by the right of redemption, at the jubilee he will vacate the purchased property and return to his own home, to the town in which he has a title to property. The houses in the Levites' towns represent their ancestral property in Israel, (Leviticus 25, 33)

  • and the arable land depending on these towns cannot be sold, being their ancestral property for ever. (Leviticus 25, 34)

  • I shall bring the sword on you, which will avenge the covenant, and when you huddle inside your towns, I shall send pestilence among you, and you will fall into the enemy's clutches. (Leviticus 26, 25)

  • And I shall scatter you among the nations. I shall unsheathe the sword against you, reducing your country to desert and your towns to ruins. (Leviticus 26, 33)

  • what sort of land they live on, whether it is good or poor; what sort of towns they live in, whether they are open or fortified; (Numbers 13, 19)

  • At the same time, its inhabitants are a powerful people; the towns are fortified and very big; yes, and we saw the Anakim there. (Numbers 13, 28)

  • Israel then made this vow to Yahweh, 'If you deliver this people into my power, I shall curse their towns with destruction.' (Numbers 21, 2)

  • Israel took all these towns. Israel occupied all the Amorite towns, Heshbon and all its dependencies, (Numbers 21, 25)

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