1. But Baldad the Suhite, responding, said:

2. How long will you speak this way, so that the words of your mouth are like a changeable wind?

3. Does God supplant judgment, or does the Almighty subvert that which is just?

4. And if now your children have sinned against him, and he has dismissed them into the power of their iniquity,

5. even so, you should arise early to God, so as to beseech the Almighty.

6. If you approach with purity and honesty, he will quickly be attentive to you, and a peaceful life will repay your righteousness,

7. so much so that, if your former things were small, your latter things would be multiplied greatly.

8. For inquire of the earliest generation, and investigate diligently the history of the fathers,

9. (of course, we are but of yesterday and are ignorant that our days on earth are like a shadow,)

10. and they will teach you; they will speak with you and will offer you the eloquence of their hearts.

11. Can the marsh plant live without moisture? Or can sedges grow without water?

12. When it is still in flower, and has not been pulled up by hand, it withers before all other plants.

13. Just so are the ways of all who forget God, and the hope of the hypocrite will perish.

14. His frenzy will not please him, and his faith will be like a spider’s web.

15. He will lean on his house, and it will not stand; he will prop it up, but it will not rise.

16. He seems to have moisture before the sun arrives; and at sunrise, his sprout shoots forth.

17. His roots will crowd together over a heap of stones, and among the stones he will remain.

18. If someone is devoured right beside him, he will deny him and will say: “I do not know you.”

19. For this is the benefit of his way, that others in turn may spring up from the earth.

20. God will not discard the simple, nor will he extend his hand to the spiteful,

21. even until your mouth is filled with laughter and your lips with rejoicing.

22. Those who hate you, will be clothed with confusion, and the tabernacle of the impious will not continue.

“O meu passado, Senhor, à Tua misericórdia. O meu Presente, ao Teu amor. O meu futuro, à Tua Providência.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina