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  • And Ahaz slept with his fathers, and he was buried with them in the city of David. And Hezekiah, his son, reigned in his place. (2 Kings 16, 20)

  • In the third year of Hoshea, the son of Elah, the king of Israel: Hezekiah, the son of Ahaz, reigned as king of Judah. (2 Kings 18, 1)

  • In the fourth year of king Hezekiah, which was the seventh year of Hoshea, the son of Elah, the king of Israel: Shalmaneser, the king of the Assyrians, ascended to Samaria, and he fought against it, (2 Kings 18, 9)

  • and he seized it. For after three years, in the sixth year of Hezekiah, that is, in the ninth year of Hoshea, the king of Israel, Samaria was captured. (2 Kings 18, 10)

  • In the fourteenth year of king Hezekiah, Sennacherib, the king of the Assyrians, went up to all the fortified cities of Judah, and he captured them. (2 Kings 18, 13)

  • Then Hezekiah, the king of Judah, sent messengers to the king of the Assyrians at Lachish, saying: “I have offended. Withdraw from me, and all that you will impose upon me, I will bear.” And so the king of the Assyrians levied a tax upon Hezekiah, the king of Judah, of three hundred talents of silver and thirty talents of gold. (2 Kings 18, 14)

  • And Hezekiah gave all the silver that had been found in the house of the Lord, and in the treasuries of the king. (2 Kings 18, 15)

  • At that time, Hezekiah broke apart the doors of the temple of the Lord, with the plates of gold which he had affixed to them. And he gave these to the king of the Assyrians. (2 Kings 18, 16)

  • Then the king of the Assyrians sent Tartan, and Rabsaris, and Rabshakeh, from Lachish, to king Hezekiah, with a powerful hand, to Jerusalem. And when they had ascended, they arrived in Jerusalem, and they stood beside the aqueduct of the upper pool, which is along the way of the fuller’s field. (2 Kings 18, 17)

  • And Rabshakeh said to them: “Speak to Hezekiah: Thus says the great king, the king of the Assyrians: What is this faith, in which you strive? (2 Kings 18, 19)

  • But if you say to me: ‘We have faith in the Lord, our God.’ Is it not he, whose high places and altars Hezekiah has taken away? And did he not instruct Judah and Jerusalem: ‘You shall adore before this altar in Jerusalem?’ (2 Kings 18, 22)

  • Thus says the king: Let not Hezekiah lead you astray. For he will not be able to rescue you from my hand. (2 Kings 18, 29)

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