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  • Only the land of the priests he did not buy, because by a decree of Pharaoh they lived on what had been given to them by Pharaoh. For that reason they did not sell the land that belonged to them. (Genesis 47, 22)

  • They issued a decree to be proclaimed throughout Israel, from Dan to Beer-sheba, calling all the people to come to Jerusalem and celebrate a Passover in honor of Yahweh, the God of Israel, for they had not celebrated it for a long time. (2 Chronicles 30, 5)

  • Stand in the holy place by families and orders, according to the written decree of David king of Israel and his son Solomon, (2 Chronicles 35, 4)

  • However, in the first year of his reign Cyrus, king of Babylon, issued a decree that the House of God should be rebuilt. (Ezra 5, 13)

  • Now, if it seems good to the king that inquiries be made into the royal archives there in Babylon, to verify whether a decree was indeed issued by King Cyrus for the rebuilding of the House of God in Jerusalem, then may the king inform us of his will in this matter." (Ezra 5, 17)

  • "In the first year of his reign, King Cyrus has issued this decree concerning the House of God in Jerusalem: Let the foundation of that House be laid and the House be rebuilt in order that sacrifices be offered in it. The said House shall be thirty meters high and thirty meters wide, (Ezra 6, 3)

  • I, alone, often went to Jerusalem for the feasts, as is ordered for all the people of Israel by an everlasting decree. I went with the first fruits and tithes of my crop, and with the first shearings of the sheep. (Tobit 1, 6)

  • If it pleases the king, therefore, let an irrevocable royal decree be issued and included among the laws of Persia and Media, that Vashti is never again to come into the presence of King Ahasuerus, and that the king is authorized to give her royal position to someone else more worthy than she. (Esther 1, 19)

  • When this decree of the king is proclaimed throughout his vast kingdom, all wives will honor their husbands, from the least to the greatest." (Esther 1, 20)

  • Later when his anger had cooled, King Ahasuerus remembered Vashti's disobedience and his decree against her. (Esther 2, 1)

  • If it please the king, let a decree be issued to destroy them. I will deposit in the royal treasury ten thousand silver talents for the men who carry out the king's business." (Esther 3, 9)

  • He also gave Hathach a copy of the written decree for their destruction, to show and explain to Esther. He further told him to urge her to go to the king to beg for mercy and intercede for her people: "Remember the days of your lowly estate when you were brought up in my charge. Haman, who is next to the king, has asked for our death. Pray to the Lord and speak to the king for us. Save us from death." (Esther 4, 8)

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