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  • Each board shall have two arms that shall serve to fasten the boards in line; for all the frames of the Holy Tent you must do this. (Exodus 26, 17)

  • There will be twenty boards for the southern side of the Holy Tent. (Exodus 26, 18)

  • You are to make forty silver bases for putting under the twenty boards thus: two bases under the first board to receive its two matching arms, and so on for the other boards. (Exodus 26, 19)

  • The other side of the tabernacle, on the north, is to have also twenty boards (Exodus 26, 20)

  • For the back of the Holy Tent on the west, you must make six boards, (Exodus 26, 22)

  • and also two boards for the corners at the back of the Holy Tent. (Exodus 26, 23)

  • These boards must be joined at the bottom and also at the top, up to the level of the first ring; and the same for the two boards that are to form the two corners. (Exodus 26, 24)

  • So there will be eight boards with their sixteen silver bases: two bases under the first board and so on. (Exodus 26, 25)

  • You are to make five crossbars of acacia wood to hold together the boards for one side of the tabernacle, (Exodus 26, 26)

  • and five to hold the boards that form the other side of the Holy Tent. (Exodus 26, 27)

  • They will run halfway up the boards, from one end to the other. (Exodus 26, 28)

  • The boards are to be covered with gold, and with gold rings on them to take the crossbars which you are to cover with gold. (Exodus 26, 29)

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