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  • So they brought their livestock and Joseph gave them bread in exchange for their horses, sheep and cattle and even their donkeys. In that way he supplied them with food for that year. (Genesis 47, 17)

  • the hand of Yahweh will bring a terrible plague on your horses, your donkeys and your camels, on your cattle and your sheep. (Exodus 9, 3)

  • The Egyptians - all the chariots and horses of Pharaoh, his horsemen and his army - gave chase and caught up with them when they had encamped by the sea near Pihahiroth, facing Baalzephon. (Exodus 14, 9)

  • The Egyptians followed them and all Pharaoh's horses, his chariots and horsemen moved forward in the middle of the sea. (Exodus 14, 23)

  • When Pharaoh's chariots, horses and horsemen went into the sea, Yahweh brought back the waters over them, while the people of Israel walked on dry ground through the sea. (Exodus 15, 19)

  • and what he did to the army of Egypt, to their horses and chariots, when he buried them in the waters of the Red Sea, destroying them as they pursued us. (Deuteronomy 11, 4)

  • Ensure that your king does not acquire many horses, lest he again send his people to Egypt to get more horses. For Yahweh commanded you never to go back that way. (Deuteronomy 17, 16)

  • When you go to war against your enemies and you see horses, chariots and an army more numerous than yours, then have no fear because Yahweh, your God, who brought you out of Egypt, is with you. (Deuteronomy 20, 1)

  • And they set out with their troops, a multitude as numerous as the sand of the sea, accompanied by a great number of horses and chariots ready for combat. (Joshua 11, 4)

  • Then Yahweh said to Joshua: "Do not be afraid, for tomorrow at this hour I will give them to you that you may sacrifice them to me. Cut the hocks of their horses and burn their chariots of war." (Joshua 11, 6)

  • Joshua also carried out what Yahweh had commanded - cutting the hocks of the horses and burning the chariots. (Joshua 11, 9)

  • Then I brought your fathers out of Egypt and you came to the sea. The Egyptians pursued you with chariots and horses as far as the Red Sea. (Joshua 24, 6)

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