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  • "Does God see?" they say. "Has the Most High some knowledge of this? (Psalms 73, 11)

  • Without knowledge and understanding, they walk about in darkness; all the earth's foundations are shaken. (Psalms 82, 5)

  • Give me knowledge and good judgment for I trust in your commands. (Psalms 119, 66)

  • Your precepts have given me knowledge, and I hate all that is false. (Psalms 119, 104)

  • Give me knowledge; I am your servant who desires to understand your statutes. (Psalms 119, 125)

  • Your knowledge leaves me astounded, it is too high for me to reach. (Psalms 139, 6)

  • to acquire well-ordered knowledge, and become just with discernment and integrity. (Proverbs 1, 3)

  • The beginning of knowledge is the fear of Yahweh, only fools have contempt for wisdom and discipline. (Proverbs 1, 7)

  • "You ignorant people, how long will you continue to cling to your foolishness? How long will mockers revel in their mockery, and fools have contempt for knowledge? (Proverbs 1, 22)

  • because they despised knowledge and did not choose the fear of Yahweh; (Proverbs 1, 29)

  • then you will understand the fear of Yahweh, and you will find the knowledge of God. (Proverbs 2, 5)

  • For Yahweh gives wisdom and from his mouth come knowledge and insight. (Proverbs 2, 6)

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