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  • He who acquires wisdom loves himself, he who respects knowledge will be happy. (Proverbs 19, 8)

  • When the mocker is punished the ignorant man grows wise; when the wise man is instructed he grows in knowledge. (Proverbs 21, 11)

  • Have I not written for you thirty chapters of advice and knowledge (Proverbs 22, 20)

  • It is strengthened by prudence. Its granaries are filled by knowledge with all that is good, precious and desirable. (Proverbs 24, 4)

  • The wise man is powerful; the one of knowledge adds to his strength. (Proverbs 24, 5)

  • I have not acquired wisdom or grasped the knowledge of the Holy One." (Proverbs 30, 3)

  • I thought to myself, "See, I have increased and promoted wisdom more than anyone who ruled Jerusalem before me and I have experienced to the full both wisdom and knowledge." (Ecclesiastes 1, 16)

  • For here was a man who toiled in all wisdom, knowledge and skill and he must leave all to someone who has not worked for it. This is meaningless and a great misfortune. (Ecclesiastes 2, 21)

  • To the man who pleases him, he gives wisdom, knowledge and joy, while to the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up what will be given to another who pleases God: this too is meaningless and chasing wind. (Ecclesiastes 2, 26)

  • he has no knowledge of what will happen. Who can tell him what will happen? (Ecclesiastes 8, 7)

  • Fulfill your projects while you are able, for among the dead where you are going there is no work, no planning, no knowledge, no wisdom. (Ecclesiastes 9, 10)

  • He claims knowledge of God and calls himself son of the Lord. (Wisdom of Solomon 2, 13)

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