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  • And it was heard, and the fame was abroad in the king's court: The brethren of Joseph are come: and Pharao with all his family was glad. (Genesis 45, 16)

  • And he spoke to Joseph that he should give orders to his brethren, saying : Load your beasts, and go into the land of Chanaan. (Genesis 45, 17)

  • So he sent away his brethren, and at their departing said to them: Be not angry in the way. (Genesis 45, 24)

  • And Joseph said to his brethren, and to all his father's house: I will go up, and will tell Pharao, and will say to him: My brethren and my father's house, that were in the land of Chanaan, are come to me: (Genesis 46, 31)

  • Then Joseph went in and told Pharao, saying: My father and brethren, their sheep and their herds, and all that they possess, are come out of the land of Chanaan: and behold they stay in the land of Gessen. (Genesis 47, 1)

  • Five men also the last of his brethren, he presented before the king: (Genesis 47, 2)

  • The king therefore said to Joseph: Thy father and thy brethren are come to thee. (Genesis 47, 5)

  • But Joseph gave a possession to his father and his brethren in Egypt, in the best place of the land, in Ramesses, as Pharao had commanded. (Genesis 47, 11)

  • But the rest whom thou shalt have after them, shall be thine, and shall be called by the name of their brethren in their possessions. (Genesis 48, 6)

  • I give thee a portion above thy brethren, which I took out of the hand of the Amorrhite a with my sword and bow. (Genesis 48, 22)

  • Simeon and Levi brethren: vessels of iniquity, waging war. (Genesis 49, 5)

  • Juda, thee shall thy brethren praise: thy hands shall be on the necks of thy enemies: the sons of thy father shall bow down to thee. (Genesis 49, 8)

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