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  • Saying: O Lord God of heaven and earth, behold their pride, and look on our low condition, and have regard to the face of thy saints, and shew that thou forsakes not them that trust on thee, and that thou humblest them that presume of themselves, and glory in their own strength. (Judith 6, 15)

  • For perhaps he will put a stop to his indignation, and will give glory to his own name. (Judith 7, 24)

  • So may it be with these also, O Lord, who trust in their multitude, and in their chariots, and in their pikes, and in their shields, and in their arrows, and glory in their spears, (Judith 9, 9)

  • But they asked her no question, only they let her pass, saying: The God of our fathers give thee grace, and may he strengthen all the counsel of thy heart with his power, that Jerusalem may glory in thee, and thy name may be in the number of the holy and just. (Judith 10, 8)

  • Give all of you glory to him, because he is good, because his mercy endureth for ever. (Judith 13, 21)

  • And when she was come out to him, they all blessed her with one voice, saying: Thou art the glory of Jerusalem, thou art the joy of Israel, thou art the honour of our people: (Judith 15, 10)

  • And on festival days she came forth with great glory. (Judith 16, 27)

  • That he might shew the riches of the glory of his kingdom, and the greatness, and boasting of his power, for a long time, to wit, for a hundred and fourscore days. (Esther 1, 4)

  • And he declared to them the greatness of his riches, and the multitude of his children, and with how great glory the king had advanced him above all his princes and servants. (Esther 5, 11)

  • Thou knowest all things, and thou knowest that it was not out of pride and contempt, or any desire of glory, that I refused to worship the proud Aman, (Esther 13, 12)

  • They design to change thy promises, and destroy thy inheritance, and shut the mouths of them that praise thee, and extinguish the glory of thy temple and altar, (Esther 14, 9)

  • And thou knowest that I hate the glory of the wicked, and abhor the bed of the uncircumcised, and of every stranger. (Esther 14, 15)

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