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  • and put the stones on the shoulder-straps of the ephod, to commemorate the sons of Israel, as Yahweh had ordered Moses. (Exodus 39, 7)

  • the stones corresponding to the names of the sons of Israel, twelve like their names, engraved like seals, each with the name of one of the twelve tribes. (Exodus 39, 14)

  • For Yahweh's cloud stayed over the Dwelling during the daytime and there was fire inside the cloud at night, for the whole House of Israel to see, at every stage of their journey. (Exodus 40, 38)

  • "If the whole community of Israel has sinned inadvertently and, without being aware of it has incurred guilt by doing something forbidden by Yahweh's commandments, (Leviticus 4, 13)

  • On the eighth day Moses summoned Aaron and his sons and the elders of Israel; (Leviticus 9, 1)

  • Moses said to Aaron and his sons Eleazar and Ithamar, 'Do not disorder your hair or tear your clothes; or you may incur death and his retribution may overtake the whole community. No, it is for the entire House of Israel to lament your brothers who have been the victims of Yahweh's fire. (Leviticus 10, 6)

  • No one must be inside the Tent of Meeting, from the moment he enters to make expiation in the sanctuary until the time he comes out. 'When he has made expiation for himself, for his family, and for the whole community of Israel, (Leviticus 16, 17)

  • "Any man of the House of Israel who slaughters a bull, lamb or goat, whether inside the camp or outside it, (Leviticus 17, 3)

  • 'You will also say to them, "Any member of the House of Israel or any resident alien who offers a burnt offering or sacrifice (Leviticus 17, 8)

  • "If any member of the House of Israel or any resident alien consumes blood of any kind, I shall set my face against that individual who consumes blood and shall outlaw him from his people. (Leviticus 17, 10)

  • 'Say to the Israelites: "Anyone, be he Israelite or alien resident in Israel, who gives any of his children to Molech, will be put to death. The people of the country must stone him, (Leviticus 20, 2)

  • 'Speak to Aaron, to his sons, and to all the Israelites and say: "Any member of the House of Israel or any alien resident in Israel who brings an offering either in payment of a vow or as a voluntary gift, and offers it as a burnt offering to Yahweh, (Leviticus 22, 18)

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