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  • Pleasure-lovers stay poor, no one will grow rich who loves wine and good living. (Proverbs 21, 17)

  • CHORUS: What makes your lover better than other lovers, O loveliest of women? What makes your lover better than other lovers, to put us under such an oath? (Song of Solomon 5, 9)

  • Lovers of evil and worthy of such hopes are those who make them, those who want them and those who worship them. (Wisdom of Solomon 15, 6)

  • 'If a man divorces his wife and she leaves him and becomes someone else's, has he the right to go back to her? Has not that piece of land been totally polluted? And you, having played the whore with many lovers, you claim the right to come back to me! Yahweh demands. (Jeremiah 3, 1)

  • And, once despoiled, what are you going to do? You may dress yourself in scarlet, put on ornaments of gold, enlarge your eyes with paint but you make yourself pretty in vain. Your former lovers disdain you, your life is what they are seeking. (Jeremiah 4, 30)

  • 'Climb the Lebanon range and shriek, raise your voice in Bashan, shriek from the Abarim, for all your lovers have been ruined! (Jeremiah 22, 20)

  • The wind will shepherd all your shepherds away and your lovers will go into captivity. Then you will blush deep with shame at the thought of all your wickedness. (Jeremiah 22, 22)

  • All your lovers have forgotten you, they look for you no more. Yes, I have struck you as an enemy strikes, with cruel punishment (because of your great guilt and countless sins). (Jeremiah 30, 14)

  • All night long she is weeping, tears running down her cheeks. Not one of all her lovers remains to comfort her. Her friends have all betrayed her and become her enemies. (Lamentations 1, 2)

  • I called to my lovers; they failed me. My priests and my elders expired in the city, as they searched for food to keep themselves alive. (Lamentations 1, 19)

  • All prostitutes accept presents, but you give presents to all your lovers, you bribe them to come from all over the place to fornicate with you! (Ezekiel 16, 33)

  • The Lord Yahweh says this: For having squandered your money and let yourself be seen naked while whoring with your lovers and all the foul idols of your loathsome practices and for giving them your children's blood- (Ezekiel 16, 36)

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