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  • 'When evil comes upon us, the sword of judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we will stand before this house and before you, for your name is in this house, and we will cry out to you in our affliction, and you will hear and save!' (2 Chronicles 20, 9)

  • "You saw the affliction of our fathers in Egypt, you heard their cry by the Red Sea; (Nehemiah 9, 9)

  • He answered: "As regards the fish's heart and liver, if you burn them so that the smoke surrounds a man or a woman who is afflicted by a demon or evil spirit, the affliction will leave him completely, and no demons will ever return to him again. (Tobit 6, 8)

  • If I should be wicked, alas for me! if righteous, I dare not hold up my head, filled with ignominy and sodden with affliction! (Job 10, 15)

  • days of affliction have overtaken me. (Job 30, 27)

  • Or if they are bound with fetters and held fast by bonds of affliction, (Job 36, 8)

  • But he saves the unfortunate through their affliction, and instructs them through distress. (Job 36, 15)

  • Take heed, turn not to evil; for you have preferred carousal to affliction. (Job 36, 21)

  • Put an end to my affliction and suffering; take away all my sins. (Psalms 25, 18)

  • My life is worn out by sorrow, my years by sighing. My strength fails in affliction; my bones are consumed. (Psalms 31, 11)

  • No evil shall befall you, no affliction come near your tent. (Psalms 91, 10)

  • Still God had regard for their affliction when he heard their wailing. (Psalms 106, 44)

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