1. [For the choirmaster . . . Jeduthun Psalm Of David] In God alone there is rest for my soul, from him comes my safety;

2. he alone is my rock, my safety, my stronghold so that I stand unshaken.

3. How much longer will you set on a victim, all together, intent on murder, like a rampart already leaning over, a wall already damaged?

4. Trickery is their only plan, deception their only pleasure, with lies on their lips they pronounce a blessing, with a curse in their hearts.Pause

5. Rest in God alone, my soul! He is the source of my hope.

6. He alone is my rock, my safety, my stronghold, so that I stand unwavering.

7. In God is my safety and my glory, the rock of my strength. In God is my refuge;

8. trust in him, you people, at all times. Pour out your hearts to him, God is a refuge for us.Pause

9. Ordinary people are a mere puff of wind, important people a delusion; set both on the scales together, and they are lighter than a puff of wind.

10. Put no trust in extortion, no empty hopes in robbery; however much wealth may multiply, do not set your heart on it.

11. Once God has spoken, twice have I heard this: Strength belongs to God,

12. to you, Lord, faithful love; and you repay everyone as their deeds deserve.

“Não se aflija a ponto de perder a paz interior. Reze com perseverança, com confiança, com calma e serenidade.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina