1. Lo, all this my eye has seen; my ear has heard and perceived it.

2. What you know, I also know; I fall not short of you.

3. But I would speak with the Almighty; I wish to reason with God.

4. You are glossing over falsehoods and offering vain remedies, every one of you!

5. Oh, that you would be altogether silent! This for you would be wisdom.

6. Hear now the rebuke I shall utter and listen to the reproof from my lips.

7. Is it for God that you speak falsehood? Is it for him that you utter deceit?

8. Is it for him that you show partiality? Do you play advocate on behalf of God?

9. Will it be well when he shall search you out? Would you impose on him as one does on men?

10. He will openly rebuke you if even in secret you show partiality.

11. Surely will his majesty affright you and the dread of him fall upon you.

12. Your reminders are ashy maxims, your fabrications are mounds of clay.

13. Be silent, let me alone! that I may speak and give vent to my feelings.

14. I will carry my flesh between my teeth, and take my life in my hand.

15. Slay me though he might, I will wait for him; I will defend my conduct before him.

16. And this shall be my salvation, that no impious man can come into his presence.

17. Pay careful heed to my speech, and give my statement a hearing.

18. Behold, I have prepared my case, I know that I am in the right.

19. If anyone can make a case against me, then I shall be silent and die.

20. These things only do not use against me, then from your presence I need not hide:

21. Withdraw your hand far from me, and let not the terror of you frighten me.

22. Then call me, and I will respond; or let me speak first, and answer me.

23. What are my faults and my sins? My misdeeds and my sins make known to me!

24. Why do you hide your face and consider me your enemy?

25. Will you harass a wind-driven leaf, or pursue a withered straw?

26. For you draw up bitter indictments against me, and punish in me the faults of my youth.

27. You put my feet in the stocks; you watch all my paths and trace out all my footsteps.

28. Though he wears out like a leather bottle, like a garment that the moth has consumed?

“A maior caridade é aquela que arranca as pessoas vencidas pelo demônio, a fim de ganhá-las para Cristo. E isso eu faço assiduamente, noite e dia.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina