1. Then Job answered and said:

2. Ah, could my anguish but be measured and my calamity laid with it in the scales,

3. They would now outweigh the sands of the sea! Because of this I speak without restraint.

4. For the arrows of the Almighty pierce me, and my spirit drinks in their poison; the terrors of God are arrayed against me.

5. Does the wild ass bray when he has grass? Does the ox low over his fodder?

6. Can a thing insipid be eaten without salt? Is there flavor in the white of an egg?

7. I refuse to touch them; they are loathsome food to me.

8. Oh, that I might have my request, and that God would grant what I long for:

9. Even that God would decide to crush me, that he would put forth his hand and cut me off!

10. Then I should still have consolation and could exult through unremitting pain, because I have not transgressed the commands of the Holy One.

11. What strength have I that I should endure, and what is my limit that I should be patient?

12. Have I the strength of stones, or is my flesh of bronze?

13. Have I no helper, and has advice deserted me?

14. A friend owes kindness to one in despair, though he have forsaken the fear of the Almighty.

15. My brethren are undependable as a brook, as watercourses that run dry in the wadies;

16. Though they may be black with ice, and with snow heaped upon them,

17. Yet once they flow, they cease to be; in the heat, they disappear from their place.

18. Caravans turn aside from their routes; they go into the desert and perish.

19. The caravans of Tema search, the companies of Sheba have hopes;

20. They are disappointed, though they were confident; they come there and are frustrated.

21. It is thus that you have now become for me; you see a terrifying thing and are afraid.

22. Have I asked you to give me anything, to offer a gift for me from your possessions,

23. Or to deliver me from the enemy, or to redeem me from oppressors?

24. Teach me, and I will be silent; prove to me wherein I have erred.

25. How agreeable are honest words; yet how unconvincing is your argument!

26. Do you consider your words as proof, but the sayings of a desperate man as wind?

27. You would even cast lots for the orphan, and would barter away your friend!

28. Come, now, give me your attention; surely I will not lie to your face.

29. Think it over; let there be no injustice. Think it over; I still am right.

30. Is there insincerity on my tongue, or cannot my taste discern falsehood?

“Pobres e desafortunadas as almas que se envolvem no turbilhão de preocupações deste mundo. Quanto mais amam o mundo, mais suas paixões crescem, mais queimam de desejos, mais se tornam incapazes de atingir seus objetivos. E vêm, então, as inquietações, as impaciências e terríveis sofrimentos profundos, pois seus corações não palpitam com a caridade e o amor. Rezemos por essas almas desafortunadas e miseráveis, para que Jesus, em Sua infinita misericórdia, possa perdoá-las e conduzi-las a Ele.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina