Znaleziono 578 Wyniki dla: Egypt

  • Do not be afraid, and let it not seem to you to be a hardship that you sold me into these regions. For God sent me before you into Egypt for your salvation. (Genesis 45, 5)

  • I was sent here, not by your counsel, but by the will of God. He has caused me to be like a father to Pharaoh, and to be the lord of his entire house, as well as governor throughout all the land of Egypt. (Genesis 45, 8)

  • Hurry, and go up to my father, and say to him: ‘Your son Joseph commands this: God has caused me to be lord of the entire land of Egypt. Come down to me, do not delay, (Genesis 45, 9)

  • You will report to my father about all my glory, and about all that you have seen in Egypt. Hurry, and bring him to me.” (Genesis 45, 13)

  • and take from there your father and kindred, and come to me. And I will give you all the good things of Egypt, so that you may eat from the marrow of the land.’ ” (Genesis 45, 18)

  • “And you may even instruct that they take wagons from the land of Egypt, in order to transport their little ones as well as their wives. And say: ‘Take your father, and come quickly, as soon as possible. (Genesis 45, 19)

  • You need not give up anything from your household, for all the riches of Egypt will be yours.’ ” (Genesis 45, 20)

  • And he sent just as much money and clothing to his father, adding also ten male donkeys, with which to transport all the riches of Egypt, and as many female donkeys, carrying wheat and bread for the journey. (Genesis 45, 23)

  • And they ascended out of Egypt, and they arrived in the land of Canaan, to their father Jacob. (Genesis 45, 25)

  • And they reported to him, saying: “Your son Joseph is alive, and he is ruler throughout all the land of Egypt. When Jacob heard this, he was stirred up, as if from a deep sleep, yet he did not believe them. (Genesis 45, 26)

  • God said to him: “I am the most strong God of your father. Do not be afraid. Descend into Egypt, for there I will make of you a great nation. (Genesis 46, 3)

  • along with all that he possessed in the land of Canaan. And he arrived in Egypt with all his offspring: (Genesis 46, 6)

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